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Exterior Painting


For the best in quality exterior painting, please get in touch with our expert team today. We have the expertise and experience to complete painting projects to the highest professional standards. Our speciality includes painting farm sheds and exterior property. Using various techniques and equipment, we can quickly complete projects while always maintaining quality.

Contact us today to discuss your painting requirements.


For the best in farm shed painting and house painting, contact us today.

Anti Rust Paint and Anti Corrosion Paint

Our rust painting services include the application of specialized anti-rust and anti-corrosion paints that create a protective barrier on your metal surfaces.


These paints not only revitalize the appearance of your assets but also prevent further corrosion, ensuring long-lasting protection.

Exterior House Painting

At Galway Protective Coating, we breathe new life into your home's exterior, combining stunning aesthetics with long-lasting protection. Our experienced and meticulous painters are dedicated to providing the best home painting services.

For additional information on our suite of services contact our offices today.

  • Where can I find waterproofing solutions near me?
    Galway Protective Coating provides comprehensive waterproofing solutions to customers in Galway.
  • What kind of waterproofing services do you provide?
    We provide services such as cold galvanising, flat roof waterproofing, asbestos roof waterproofing and more.
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